The Festival offers a wide variety of delicious and authentic Italian food specialties. Experience a virtual tour of Italy during your visit by choosing a meal or snack in one of our many outdoor eateries.

Caffe Gelato

Delaware landmark Caffe Gelato returns this year, featuring it’s signature handmade gelato at it’s 10th & Scott Sts. location, and also presents a wide-ranging menu of Italian specialties at Cafe Antonian, as well as brick oven specialty pizza and gourmet wings at La Piazza Cage.


La Casa Pasta/Chesapeake Inn

Regional landmarks La casa Pasta and Chesapeake Inn return, presenting the Ballad Room of the Grade School, offering dine-in and take-out options.  Be sure not to miss the hand crafted Italian specialties, inspired by the tastes of Italy.


Luigi and Giovanni’s

One of the region’s top Italian cuisine specialists, Luigi & Giovanni returns this year, presenting Cafe Nona Strada with a full line of their noted specialties, as well as a second tent featuring other Italian specialties aas their original Scott St. location near the Midway entrance.