16th Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 19, 2020

16A20.    Wisdom 12:13, 16-19.    “There is no god besides you who have the care of all.”  “Your mastery over all things makes you lenient to all.”   This wonderful reading is a prayer of worship because it repeats that God is awesomely powerful, the “master of might,” recognizing God for who he truly is.  However, he uses his power not to crush but to build up.  He expresses his mighty power through his intense, boundless love for us, by caring for us, by treating us with leniency and clemency.

Matthew 13:24-43.   We must grow in holiness despite the fact that there is so much evil around us, by struggling to be wheat in a field of weeds.  As with the tiny mustard seed or baking flour, the Spirit waters us and leavens us to grow in the Lord.  By the life we lead, we will determine whether we are a child of God or the devil.  If we live a life as a child of the devil, we will inherit “the fiery furnace, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.”  On the other hand, if we live as a child of God the Father, we “will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.”  Then Jesus says, “Whoever has ears ought to hear.”  If we live as a child of the devil, the parable will seem to be just nonsense.  If we live as a child of God, we will cultivate a heart and mind that allows us to understand the message of this parable.  Love was not sweet and easy for our Savior who hung on the cross.  As in marriage, there will the good times and the difficult times on the way to heaven.

Romans 8:26-27.  “Brothers and sisters: The Spirit comes to the aid of our weakness,”  “because he intercedes for the holy ones according to God’s will.”   On our own without the Spirit, it is hopeless for us to grow in holiness.  With our calm, peace-filled and faithful heart, the Holy Spirit enables us to be loyal sons and daughters of the Father.  Never doubt or quench the Spirit.