2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – January 16, 2022

2C22.    Isaiah 62:1-5.    “Nations shall behold your vindication and all the kings your glory.”  The Hebrews were looked upon as being so lowly because of their captivity.  However now God has made his people to be glorious.  Those who were thought to be forsaken by the Lord, “you shall be called “My Delight.” “As a bridegroom rejoices in his bride so shall your God rejoices in you.”  God transformed defeat into victory.

John 2:1-11.   I take the liberty to explain this gospel passage with the help of various commentaries and with my understanding of what took place at Cana.  “There was a wedding at Cana in Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there.  Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the wedding.”  The wine ran short more than likely because of the presence of Jesus’ disciples.   Mary, Jesus’ mother, recognizing that the cause of the shortage of wine was the fact of Jesus’s disciples being there, put the burden of supplying for the lack of wine on her son.  At first Jesus did not think that God, his Father, had called upon him to perform miraculous deeds at this time, and so refused to intercede.  However, Jesus changes his mind and so with spectacular generosity, made the best of wines available.   John, the Evangelist, takes this physical event and gives it a deeper spiritual meaning, by saying, with the words of the headwaiter, “you have kept the good wine until now,” that God has replaced the Old Testament Torah or Law with the presence of God in the person of Jesus, his Son.  Jesus himself, so to speak, is the new good wine.  The miracle of the wedding feast of Cana symbolizes that what was old is transformed into what is new.  The Old Testament Law is transformed into Jesus, God himself who is present in the midst of his people.

Corinthians 12:4-11.   The Holy Spirit makes the water to become wine, that is, he takes what is natural and raises it to produce supernatural benefits.  The water that Jesus made to become wine also symbolizes the natural attributes that God gives us humans that are now raised to become the divine gifts of the Spirit so to work in us humans his supernatural wonders even while we are here on earth.